Cohesion Policy Data

Through Cohesion Policy funding, the EU invests approximately €50 billion each year in economic development at the national and regional level (around 34% of the total EU budget). These investments are designed to help Member States and regions reach the Europe 2020 goals of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

In order to increase transparency and to promote debate on the performance of EU funding, this open data platform provides information about the investments made and the results obtained (as well as contextual data on the socio-economic situation in each EU country). The figures concerning the outputs of EU Cohesion Policy Operational Programmes are based on reports provided to the Commission by Member States. The data can be reused free of charge, provided that you acknowledge the source (see legal notice). Comments on the data presented here and suggestions of additional datasets are welcome.


EU Cohesion Funding

Available Budget 2007-2013

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Available Budget 2014-2020

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