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The data available provides **national values** for outputs under 18 core indicators reported by over 300 ERDF/CF programmes across the EU.
[The disaggregated programme achievements values for the 4 years 2012-2015 are provided in a separate dataset: ]
Last data update: March 2018.
The values reported relate to achievements tracked in monitoring systems as reported by projects financed with EU investments in the period 2007-2015.
For three Member States - Croatia, Romania and Slokavia - the final values may include outputs from 2016 under specific extensions provided; in those cases the final values are nonetheless tagged as "2015" in order to allow aggregation.
After the negotiations on the ERDF and Cohesion Fund operational programmes (OPs) for 2007-2013, the Commission recommended the use of 'core indicators' for the main intervention areas. Core indicators can be used to compare and aggregate data across similar priorities or measures. Reporting on core indicators was not a legal obligation in 2007-2013. As a pilot, voluntary exercise it allowed the Member States (MS) and the Commission to establish reporting routines and detecting practical reporting issues. The effort undertaken to report against core indicators has improved accountability in the use of the Funds. Strategic reports were submitted by the MS twice in the course of the programming period (in 2009 and 2012), including core indicator data to communicate progress towards achieving policy objectives. Thanks to the use of core indicators, this was the first programme period in which indicator data could be aggregated and analysed across programmes.
The data is provided by Member State in annual cumulative time series 2009-2015 where values were reported. Annual value can be compared but **SHOULD NOT BE AGGREGATED** as they are already cumulative.
The dataset also includes annual aggregate values at EU level. If aggregating values from the dataset **DO NOT AGGREGATE THE EU TOTALS AND NATIONAL VALUES** in order to avoid double counting.
As part of the ex-post evaluation the reported indicators values for 2012 and 2013 available were examined in 2014-2015 by independent consultants. The synthesis report of their work (March 2015) is available here:
The values for 2014 and 2015 were established by DG REGIO by comparing the values reported by the programme authorities for those years with the work of the consultant on the values reported for 2012 and 2013 and compiling a picture of the progress. The 2015 data is derived from the final report programme reports received in March 2017.
The following is the list of "core indicators" that were examined and can be found in the dataset when used and reported by the programmes:
CO04 Number of RTD projects (N° projects)
CO05 Number of cooperation project enterprises-research institutions (N° projects)
CO06 Research jobs created (FTE)
CO07 Number of direct investment aid projects to SME (Number)
CO08 Number of start-ups supported (Enterprises)
CO09 Jobs created in SME (gross, full time equivalent) (FTE)
CO12 Additional population covered by broadband access (people)
CO14 km of new roads (km)
CO15 km of TEN roads (new and reconstructed) (km)
CO16 km of reconstructed roads (km)
CO17 km of new railroads (km)
CO18 km of TEN railroads (new and reconstructed) (km)
CO19 km of reconstructed railroads (km)
CO24 Additional capacity of renewable energy production (MW)
CO25 Additional population served by water projects (people)
CO26 Additional population served by waste water projects (people)
CO29 Area rehabilitated (km2)
CO35 Number of jobs created in tourism (FTE)
The indicator "CO00 Aggregated Jobs (FTE)" found in the dataset is the result of calculations made by DG REGIO to provide a corrected aggregate value for indicators CO01, CO06, CO09 and CO35. In examining the data reported it became clear that CO01 was often not a correct calculation of the jobs created (i.e. some programme reported CO09 but never reported CO01).

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2007 / 2013 Indicators
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