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This data set provides information on the indicative list of major projects from the ERDF and Cohesion Fund programmes 2014-2020 and details on the projects so far presented for the approval of the Commission. The data set will be updated regularly to reflect changes in the programme lists and major project notifications. Financial Data is in current prices.
‘Major Projects’ are usually large-scale infrastructure projects in the transport and environment sectors, but some may also involve investments in the energy, research, ICT and other sectors supported by the ERDF or the Cohesion Fund. The total eligible cost for a project to be designated "major" is generally more than € 50 million, but € 75m for transport and energy networks under Thematic Objective 7 - Transport and other strategic networks. Due to their scale and importance the planned major projects are specifically listed in the Operational Programmes and are then subject to an assessment and a specific approval by the European Commission on the basis of documentation including Cost-Benefit Analysis and feasibility studies.
To facilitate their assessment various procedures for sending major projects to the Commission are provided for. (There are separate procedures for projects phased between different financing periods). The Member States are recommended to use independent experts (from the JASPERS initiative) to appraise their projects.
If downloading, check the format of financial amounts and where necessary change you regional settings and default formatting in your chosen software. You can check the results of your aggregation of the financial data by comparing results with the pre-formatted charts profiled on this metadata page under “featured content”.

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2014 / 2020 Finances
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Each row provides information on planned or approved major projects funded by the ERDF or Cohesion Fund
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