Yes, the EU protects and promotes cultural heritage

Fire in Notre Dame de Paris!!

It was shocking to see.
It may be one of those moments where a majority of people will be able to  say "I remember where I was when Notre Dame burned."   
It was a vivid reminder that we value our heritage.  Of course heritage is also of importance locally, regionally and nationally.  It matters to us, to our sense of place and of identity.  
It may be reassuring to know that local and regional authorities charged with protecting and promoting our cultural heritage already have significant support from the European budget funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

What is the scope and volume of support to culture and heritage?  

In the period 2014-2020 support to culture and heritage is mainly through actions funding the protection, development and promotion of public cultural actions.
Around EUR 4.7 billion is planned under the ERDF primarily with a view to creating local jobs in the running of such heritage sites and attracting visitors to the specific cities or localities. 
Other relevant actions include development of  heritage and cultural services, e-culture applications and private initiatives in the area of the cultural and creative industries all with the main objective of contributing to regional and economic development. 
When successful such activities can make cultural and heritage sites more accessible and secure their  preservation for the future. 

And does the breakdown by investment actions compare by country?  

In the period 2014-2020 the ERDF financial allocations to the different culture related investment actions can be compared  countries. The chart below presents the relative shares of the planned amounts  allocated by investment action. 

Some examples 

Concrete examples of cultural and heritage projects supported are  presented below!
From the "Centre Caribeen" in Guadeloupe, to Piast Castle in Poland or the Gozo Citadel in Malta, the EU is supporting heritage and cultural projects that protect and reuse heritage assets and make Europe's regions attractive places in which to live, to work and to visit. 
More Information 
  1. Guidance on supporting culture and sport related actions for 2014-2020: Link
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