Circular Ocean : the benefits of less marine litter

Marine litter is a huge problem for countries of the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) region. In pursuit of innovative and sustainable solutions for marine plastic waste, the Circular Ocean project seeks to inspire enterprises and entrepreneurs to realise the hidden opportunities of discarded fishing nets and ropes.

Circular Ocean promotes the "green economy" by finding solutions to re-use waste, driving eco-innovation, generating efficient and environmentally responsible businesses, and diminishing levels of marine litter.
To do this, the project is pilot-testing several new uses for old fishing nets and ropes such as reinforcing concrete or other building materials such as brick tiles and roof insulation. The project is also experimenting with using fishing nets as a material to remove pollutants from water.
A major innovation of the project lies in the setting-up of a network of transnational experts which should result in the development of a 'Green Business Suite' targeted at stakeholders who can benefit from this innovative knowledge.
EU Funds support Environment Protection & Ressource Efficiency
EU funds help projects like Circular Ocean improve our quality of life and the environment. This graph shows the share of funding allocated to this priority by the European Structural and Investment Funds programmes for 2014-2020.