The Commission conducts user surveys of Cohesion Open Data users every 2 years to get feedback on ease of use and ideas for improvements. The latest survey took place in June-July 2023.

The structured replies received to the four surveys (2017, 2019, 2021 and 2023) can be explored below. 

Why do we conduct user surveys?

Every two years, visitors and users of the Open Data Platform (ODP) are invited to give their feedback on the site. As we are constantly looking for ways to deliver accessible and relevant information on shared management funds, user feedback is integral to the platform's development.
The charts across shows the total number of users replying in each survey.   
In the charts below, you can explore how information on content use and user profiles present key elements around the platform's utility and value as an information resource.

A closer look at the 2023 survey results

The latest ODP user survey was held in June 2023, and garnered 125 responses. The survey was expanded to include new questions, and revisions of existing questions. The dataset has been restructured accordingly (please see the link to the dataset at the end of the story to explore further).

Visualisation tools

The Cohesion Open Data Platform provides a data visualisation tool that can be applied to the datasets housed on the platform. Data can be visualised in various ways, and your own visualisations can be shared across a variety of platforms, including social media. There is also an option to embed visualisations in external webpages.

Data stories

The Open Data Platform houses a large repository of data stories, which can be explored by theme and programming period. Stories are written collaboratively by competence centers and geographic units in REGIO and partnering DGs. Specific feedback on the data stories is critical for their future development.

Exploring responses across the years

Tip: Use the filter function to see results by survey year. 

What brings visitors to the ODP?

The chart below depicts the main interests driving visits to the platform. Accessing downloadable datasets is a major draw, as is the possibility for comparative analysis, learning about EU funds, and using data visualisations. ODP visitors can share visualisations across sites, including social media, and are also invited to customise their own - the latter a slightly less popular, but nonetheless important feature highlighted in the survey results below.
Note: Responses may exceed the number of respondents as multiple answers were allowed.

A closer look at funds

Drilling down to the funds, many survey respondents were specifically interested in the ERDF and Cohesion Fund, closely followed by ESF+/YEI.
Although specific interest for the EMFF and EAFRD fund was lower, many respondents reported being interested in all funds documented on the platform.
For the 2023 survey, new categories were added (DG HOME funds, JTF, and Interreg). 
Note: Responses may exceed the number of respondents as multiple answers were allowed. 

Tip: Use the filter to zoom in on a specific survey year, or to analyse the respondent's affiliation to the funds.

How respondents shape the future of ODP

One of the key survey questions is a direct request for suggestions from respondents. Respondents are invited to submit their open feedback, which has been categorised in the graph below. This open feedback has been very useful and has led to or encouraged subsequent improvements on the platform.
Note: Responses may exceed the number of respondents as multiple answers were allowed.

Who are ODP's visitors?

An important aspect of the user survey is gaining insight on the profiles and needs of our visitors. This is important for making decisions on future developments and adjustments, and considering how these might impact our community of users. As can be seen in the charts below, most respondents work in government administration (including EU institutions). Additionally, most respondents do not work directly with shared management funds, but a significant proportion are interested stakeholders.
Tip: Use the filter function to see results by survey year; the pie chart can also be filtered by professional affiliation for more cross-cutting insight on respondents' relationship to shared management funds.
Tip: Use the specific filter functions on each chart to see results by survey year or use the global filter below to filter all charts by survey year, country of residence, role of respondents (who are you?) or EU fund. 

More information 

  • See a summary of all developments to the Open Data Platform made since 2015, on the basis of feedback from the user survey, from 2014-2020 and 2021-2023
  • View and download the user survey dataset here.
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Author: Dora O'NEILL
Data of Text: 25 July 2023