The EU's Cohesion Policy, with its objective of reducing economic, social and territorial dispartities, supports the three basic pillars of sustainable development: (1) economic growth (efficiency) (2) social cohesion (equity) and (3) environmental sustainability. 
This datastory presents the relative thematic investment shares of the different national and regional programmes, funds and category of region in adopted programmes for 2021-2027, for a selected country, through a series of interactive charts. The charts are by default presented for Portugal. Use the global filter to selected a different country. 
 An EU overview with comparisons by category of region and by MS of the thematic investments planned is presented in this complementary datastory
The interactive charts below allows users to visualise and explore
  1. The patterns of support by policy objective / fund / category of region and
  2. The strong variations in ERDF, ESF+ thematic support between programmes MS by category of region. 
In the Global filter below filter all the charts on this page 1) by fund or subset of funds and 2) by selected Member State

1. High level cohesion policy overview by fund / category of region

1.1 Cohesion Policy: category of region / Funds vs policy objective 

2. Overview of ERDF thematic priorities

The following thematic concentration rules are applied to national and regional allocations under the ERDF investment and jobs and growth goal:  
  1. Under the "less developed" category of region at least 25% of ERDF resources referred to in paragraph 1 to PO 1, and at least 30% to PO 2.
  2. Under the "transition" category of region at least 40% of ERDF resources shall be allocated to PO 1, and at least 30% to PO 2;
  3. Under the "more developed" category of region at least 85% of ERDF resources shall be allocated  to PO 1 and PO 2, and at least 30% to PO 2

3. Overview of ESF+ thematic priorities

ESF+ allocations by category of region are subject to specific thematic concentration rules. For ESF+ the concentration rules are applied by "specific objective" under Policy Objective 4, where the ESF+ has 13 specific objectives linked to the three broad themes of  1) employability and labor markets, 2) training and education and 3) social inclusion.

4. Cohesion fund variations in thematic priorities   

5. Thematic variations in national and regional programmes within countries  

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Authors: Monika TCHAVDAROVA, John WALSH, Dora O'NEILL
Data of Text: June 2023